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FISCHER Regranulate produced in Portugal

Since 2014 the FISCHER EPS 20 LDA (former EPS20 RELOG LDA) belongs to the FISCHER Group. Based in Pêro Pinheiro – Portugal – FISCHER now also serves the Portuguese market. With FISCHER EPS 20 LDA the group has another producer for regranulate. 

On the market of waste management, FISCHER EPS 20 LDA represents a professional and trustworthy alternative for waste products from EPS, PS, PA, PP and other substances. The technical equipment includes:

  • A sorting line which allows us to separate a variety of waste and subsequently determine the particular value. In this way, the amount of material that needs to be stored at a disposal site is reduced, which subsequently lessens costs for our customers.
  • Equipped with premium products and premium technology whereby plastic wastes can be converted back into raw materials and reutilized on the market.


Av. Marques De Pombal 524
Armazém 32
PRT-2715 – 128 Sabugo Pero Pinheiro

Phone: (+351) 210 103 348
Fax: (+351) 210 103 348

Pedro Luis

Pêro Pinheiro, Portugal