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Your expert for EPS recycling

FISCHER GmbH is the main company of the FISCHER Group. Specializing in the recycling of expanded polystyrene (EPS), known under the trade names airpop® and Styropor®, the company processes the plastic in six locations for its international customers. In addition to regrind material and new goods, FISCHER GmbH produces a secondary raw material with the EPS regranulate, which can be used in industry up to seven times.

The recycling processes at FISCHER GmbH are carried out using the latest technologies and modern machinery. After accepting the material, it is first examined for harmful substances, such as the flame retardant HBCD, and then comminuted. The resulting EPS regrind can for example be used in the brick industry or serves as a raw material for the production of regranulate, new goods or the heat-insulating leveling compound FISCHER cyclepor®.

The EPS regrinds and regranulates from FISCHER GmbH are suitable for a wide range of applications and are adapted to the specific requirements of the customer.

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Find us

Headquarters Achern
Am Waldeck 
D-77855 Achern

Sales Office Köln
Sophienstraße 1
D-51149 Köln

Plant Hildesheim
Bavenstedter Straße 95
D-31135 Hildesheim

Plant Marienberg
Ziegelscheune 1B
D-09496 Marienberg

Plant Oberwiesbach
Oberwiesbach 3
D-84494 Neumarkt-Sankt Veit

Plant Wiesenfeld
Zur Ziegelei 16
D-97753 Karlstadt-Wiesenfeld

Plant Stolberg
Leimberg 22
D-52222 Stolberg



Central contacting

Carina Walz
Management assistance
Phone: +49 7843 9943-260
Fax: +49 7843 9943-259


Executive board

Stephan Fischer   
Business executive

Jürgen Sohn       
Business executive



Tobias Berger
Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 7843 9943-207
Fax: +49 7843 9943-208


Purchase & Sales

Thomas Drey
Head of purchase

Phone: +49 7843 9943-277
Fax: +49 7843 9943-278

Jürgen Sohn
Phone: +49 7843 9943-222
Telefax: +49 7843 9943-223