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Romplast PE-Regenerat GmbH

Reclaim from Maintal

Since 1982 Romplast produces high-end secondary raw materials at their production facility in Maintal. Since then the company constantly refined in the technical and organizational area and by now produces over 10.000 tons of high quality reclaim each year.

The inventors from Maintal

In their everyday business Romplast takes care of the optimization of products and production processes. By close customer contact, new ideas are realized frequently, with one single aim: permanently optimizing reclaims following customer requirements.

The production process

Description of the production process with the main aggregates

The foil bales are selected by color and quality and fed to a bale solver in a certain mixing ratio. On the downstream picking belt, impurities as well as colorwise disturbing foil, is removed manually. Through a shredder with a downstream overbelt magnet and grinding mill. the now about 18 mm small foil particles go to the washing system. The finely ground plastic snippets, after a complex washing process consisitng of washing towers, wash- and separation basins and friction washers are now turned into a pure polyofinfraktion, which is after a following drying and another shredding process fed to the extruders. The plasticmelt is then filtered by automatically working screen changers and afterwards runs through an automatic material testing rig as granule. It is furthermore possible to add additives via umpteen mixing systems during the melting process.  Lastly the ready-to-sell product is brought to the loading silos via a multi-level mixing system. The full production process is visualized and documented. Machine operators are able to intervene directly into the process if production-related changes occur.