Alles im grünen Bereich

Guiding principles

Together on the right track


Transition and steady changes coin our time and the markets in which we interact are in constant motion. Political changes influence our business more than ever.

To live up to those challenges, we at FISCHER defined values and principles which bring to bear in our daily cooperation.

With you as a partner we live those values to allow a fair, honest and sustainable collaboration. If you happen to have any questions or suggestions – You can contact us at any time!


The proximity to our customers determines our actions. We work together with our customers to improve every single day.


The products our customers obtain pass through a consistent and purposeful quality check.


The responsible use of resources is not just self –evident to us, it’s the bedrock of our company.


We gauge the quality of our products and services by the contentment of our customers. By doing so we create the foundation of fertile growth.


We promote the talents of our employees, demand effort and work with fun and enthusiasm.


Shared values determine our collaboration.