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Distributed across 9 locations and 2 countries


The FISCHER Group not only recycles, produces and trades in one place - spread across a total of 9 locations, FISCHER is not only nationally represented, but also active throughout Europe through office in Portugal. Plastic recycling is still in its infancy in this country. FISCHER wants to promote sustainability and environmental awareness across Europe - starting with its colleagues Pero Pinheiro.

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FISCHER Group - Headquarters Achern
Am Waldeck 6
D-77855 Achern

FISCHER GmbH - Plant Hildesheim
Bavenstedter Straße 95
D-31135 Hildesheim

FISCHER GmbH - Plant Oberwiesbach
Oberwiesbach 3
D-84494 Neumarkt-Sankt Veit

FISCHER GmbH - Plant Stolberg
Leimberg 22
D-52222 Stolberg

FISCHER GmbH - Plant Wiesenfeld
Zur Ziegelei 16
D-97753 Karlstadt-Wiesenfeld

FISCHER Rohstoffe GmbH
Am Steenöver 1
D-27777 Ganderkesee

recyplast GmbH
In der Struth 19
D-56204 Hillscheid

Romplast PE-Regenerat GmbH
Philipp-Reis-Straße 25
D-63477 Maintal

KD recyplast S.L.
Poligono Industrial Riu Clar c/ Ferro 14
ES-43006 Tarragona 

Av. Marques de Pombal 524
PRT-2715 Sabugo Pero Pinheiro