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FISCHER cyclepor®

Leveling compound with heat-insulating properties

The FISCHER cyclepor® leveling compound product line is a bulk produce based on EPS regrind (Styrofoam® regrind), which is used as a heat-insulating leveling compound. Without exception, the production of FISCHER cyclepor® leveling compound takes place in Germany. Quality and sustainable production processes are number one priority here.

As a pumpable filling material, FISCHER cyclepor® leveling compound stands out for its versatile application options for leveling coatings indoors and outdoors.

Application areas

  • Leveling compounds on wooden beams and attics, vaulted ceilings and concrete floors
    with special static requirements
  • Substructures of standard floor structures (for example screeds)
  • Substructures of special floor structures in industrial and commercial construction
  • Insulation of industrial floors, supermarkets, swimming pools, flat roofs and asphalt floors
  • Compensation of unevenness, caused by cables and pipes on raw ceilings

Variable grain size

We produce products of the FISCHER cyclepor® leveling compound product line in the desired grain size. This allows us to provide the best possible adaptation to a large number of surfaces.

We produce in a coordinated grading curve, so that a homogenous grain size forms an optimal substrate for further processing.

Highest quality & optimal properties

By quality assurance in our own laboratories, FISCHER cyclepor® leveling compound also guarantees you the highest quality standards. Suitability tests and product specific actions complete the package.

But not only in terms of quality and sustainability FISCHER cyclepor® leveling compound is different from other products - it has optimum properties for application in floor construction.

Features & Benefits

  • easy processing
  • optimal height compensation
  • insulating properties
  • frost resistant
  • water resistant
  • low weight
  • hardly inflammable

Service - we can do it for you!

FISCHER supports you directly at the installation site with expert energy and extensive documentation. The necessary product safety regarding the clients is thus ensured in a comprehensible manner.


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