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Plastic as it should be - and also environmentally friendly

FISCHER regranulate is a special kind of granules. The raw material is the original and typical form of a thermoplastic. The regranulate then again is a recycled product of such a thermoplastic. This regranulate has the same properties as the granules.

Versatile, high quality, sustainable

FISCHER regranulate out of expanded polystyrene (EPS) provides an excellent alternative to newly produced granules. The raw material EPS can be processed and has the same properties as the virgin material after the recycyling process and thus is a flagship product of the recycling industry.

The secondary raw material can be used in a variety of ways following the recycling process.

Application areas

  • insulation panels
  • foils
  • drainage channels
  • cable channels
  • hoarding bases
  • pipes
  • transport packagings like pallets, stapel boxes or wedges