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Quality in motion

The powerful FISCHER cyclepor® Deutschland GmbH fleet of 37 trucks and a freight volume of up to 25 tons hauls not only raw materials and secondary products all over Germany- in fact our own logistic division is another important link of the value-added chain at FISCHER Group.

We are constantly on the move!


We expanded our own transport division simultaneously to the growth of FISCHER Group with the aid of gradual extensions and additional purchases. And we took, and will continue to take new paths in the logistics department to be one step ahead in the future as well. The selection of state-of-the-art vehicles for the FISCHER fleet and the usage of smart IT systems for our logistics services are just the beginning.

Simple is better: Often, less is more

Our drivers travel over 2.5mio miles a year. All these trips are centrally managed from our headquarters in Achern. Our experts in the logistics center ensure smooth processes and an effective communication between the numerous production and logistics locations of FISCHER Group. To guarantee reliable and on time shipments, all companies are interconnected in a smart manner. 


In the planning of tours with FISCHER everything is, as usual, in the green range since resource efficiency has highest priority in the logistics business as well. An optimal utilization of cargo capacity and minimization of needles deadhead, contribute towards reduction of CO2- emission. Furthermore our employees pay attention to a fuel-efficient way of driving and on top the complete crew at FISCHER logistics is familiar with current environmental guidelines.



Safety first

To assure that goods arrive save and on time at their final destination, our drivers prematurely identify and prevent hazardous situations by an anticipatory and defensive behavior in traffic. The transport fleet of FISCHER Group boasts a loss ratio which is clearly below average, not least because driving and rest periods are strictly observed. No matter if its crisscross at times - in one point we are straight forward: the safety of our personal and other road users. That’s the number one priority of FISCHER.

The experts for reliable deliveries

You want to get your goods on the road with FISCHER? Go ahead and contact the FISCHER logistics team. Our employees will be glad to advise you personally and individually on transportation solutions and our variety of logistical services: 

Contact logistics department

Rudolf Schneider
Telefon: + 49 7843 9943-210
Telefax: + 49 7843 9943-211


Selina Basta
Telefon: + 49 7843 9943-155
Telefax: + 49 7843 9943-156