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Purchase & Sales

We not only process plastics, we also trade in them

FISCHER accompanies the entire value-added process, which is needed to produce new plastics from used plastics. In addition to the actual recycling process, the purchase and sale of raw materials before and after the preparation process plays a major role. The plastics must first reach one of our production sites before finally finding their way back into the economic cycle.

More than just EPS recycling!

The recycling of expanded polystyrene as well as the purchase of raw materials and the sale of the final product are the core business of FISCHER GmbH. But our commitment in the field of plastics recycling goes much further: FISCHER Rohstoffe GmbH also buys and sells materials of the plastic groups LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PS, PET, PMMA, PA, PVC - for example in the form of bales, rolls, grindings or granules. This covers practically the entire range of plastics.

Plastics of all kinds

The purchase and sale of secondary raw materials extends i.a. on:

  • LDPE foil
  • TV & computer cases
  • straps
  • engineering plastics
  • manufacturing waste from the plastics sector
  • PET bottles
  • and many more

Your specialist for promising trade partnerships

If you’re interested in purchase & sales of plastics, simply contact the teams of FISCHER cyclepor® Deutschland GmbH for EPS and XPS or FISCHER Rohstoffe GmbH, who will gladly advise you. Here you will find all the employees of the individual departments.

Purchase Contact

Stefan Hach
Region: Southern Germany, Benelux, UK, France

Nicole Kubitza
Region: Eastern, Western and Northern Germany / Poland

Stefan Schwendtner
Region: Bavaria

Heiko Lappe

Andre Bauland

Sales Contact


FISCHER Rohstoffe GmbH

Arne Koch
Sales Europe/Asia
Phone: +49 7843 9943-103
Fax: +49 7843 9943-104

Alicia Wong
Sales Asia
Phone: +49 7843 9943-287
Fax: +49 7843 9943-288