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Value-adding & conservation of natural resources

Did you know that 1.39 kg less CO2 per kilo of HDPE is emitted, if the plastic is made from recycled material rather than virgin material

Or that the production of a liter of plastics consumes at least two liters of oil, while the consumption of finite resources is eliminated for the process of recycling

Or that the production of one kilo of recycled HDPE saves 19.5 MJ of energy compared to virgin material, which would allow you to travel 35 km in an electric car



Creating value according to one's own values - this is what the FISCHER Group stands for, because only in this way sustainable growth is possible.


Sustainability, environmental protection and the responsible use of the earth's resources are among the most important principles that define the entrepreneurial activities of the FISCHER Group. We are forward-looking in the development of technologies, products and solutions to bring plastics back into circulation as efficiently as possible.

The raw materials from which plastics are produced are limited but almost unlimited reusable! Around this thinking, we align our entire corporate strategy. We are aware of the responsibility for our environment and try to set a good example: on the subpages you will find out how FISCHER utilizes plastics according to the closed-loop principle or uses the potential of the material airpop® (better known as Styrofoam®) and relies on renewable solar energy.