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Two names, one material, various benefits

Expanded Polystyrene, better known as Styrofoam ®, has a new name: airpop®. A whole industrial branch in Europe enters the stage as one – with a name everyone understands. The brand airpop® hits the nail directly on the head and emphasizes the advantages the material offers. Namely: air. 98 percent air to be exact.


  • airpop® consists of 98 % air.
    The plastic used is expanded to 50 times its volume. This results in a low weight,
    which saves transport costs for example.
  • airpop® is light and at the same time durable.
    It is an optimal packaging material for sensitive goods such as medicines,
    fresh fruit, fresh fish and even organs.
  • airpop®is heat-insulating and water-repellent.
    This makes it perfect as an insulating material, eg. for building facades. The use
    of one liter of oil for insulation production saves up to 200 liters of fuel oil in 50 years.
  • You can upcycle airpop® multiple times.
    Compared to other materials, airpop® has a very good life cycle assessment. Today,
    more than half of the annual amount of waste is recycled.


EUMEPS introduces a uniform European brandname for EPS, which is aimed to improve the image of the material as well as plastics in general.

The new name airpop® engineered air was developed to give the industry a language that is uniform Europe-wide and a recognition that is worthy of the size and economical importance of this industry. Furthermore the industry wants to position itself better towards its competitors.

The brand is especially aimed for the end-consumer, since he influences the purchase-decisions of industrial companies more and more. Meanwhile this applies on the packaging- as well as the construction industry.

Cozy, comfy, snug, homely, and comfortable: That’s how a perfectly insulated house feels. With 98 % air.

airpop® is the smartest way of insulating houses by reducing their energy consumption by up to 50%. This means lower energy costs for cooling in the summer and more warm feet thanks to lower heating costs in the winter and overall a safe and healthy atmosphere at home.

What you see here could be a bicycle helmet, a cooling box, a protection for your LCD TV, a pizza delivery box, and a baby seat.

airpop® is the smartest material for a huge range of innovative and individual applications. It is easy to handle and moldable so it can be everything you want it to be.

It protects your children’s head. And a million other things – thanks to 98 % air.

airpop® is the smartest way of keeping things safe and protected. It is the best practice for the use in helmets and children’s car seats. Because it is light and at the same time very strong. airpop® is also the best packaging material for transporting sensitive goods such as medicine, fresh fruit, fresh fish, and even organs.


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